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bGPS is one of the most advanced GPS applications not only for retrieving your current location, but also for asking multiple contacts for their location. If peer/s accept request bGPS will show each peer's location and animate if position change. bGPS only shows a peer's location if peer accepts request and both users can see each other. If a user choose to disconnect a peer, bGPS will automatically remove user/peer from each map stopping other user from viewing peer's location. If a user is currently connected to peer/s and bGPS does not shutdown properly, bGPS Servers will give this user 60 seconds to respond, After 60 seconds this user will be removed from each peer's map. bGPS also features NONSMS Texting, View Disk and Ram usage, and can also send Beacons (Meet me here).

bGPS users can also share their location with friends and family that have access to the internet. If you own a iPhone with bGPS installed you must set a password for peers to use, click here for How To. This password will allow internet users to ask for your GPS location (PUSH NOTIFICATIONS) from most web browers, while bGPS user control his/her internet users by changing their peer password. Internet Users can request location by using Nick Name, iPhone PhoneNumber, and Peer Password.

bGPS supports iPhone 3G, 3GS, and 4. iPhone 3G does not allow third party apps to run in background causing a few features to not be included. When using a iPhone 3G the home button will close the application and disconnect all connected peers. 3GS or 4 the home button will place the application in background without disconnecting peers and continue to send and receive data. iPhone 3G depends on PUSH NOTIFICATIONS which is basically a text message that only allow 256 bytes of data. 3GS and 4 also uses PUSH NOTIFICATIONS but with bGPS in background more data is allowed while running other apps such as playing music, talking on phone, etc.. If phone is locked (Screen OFF) and contact is connected, bGPS(3GS, 4) will allow Turn by Turn Voice Navigation while phone is locked. iPhone 3G will cancel your route and close bGPS. bGPS recommends iPhone 4 for best performance.

Most CellPhones are tracked by multilateration using Cell Towers and/or GPS satellites but declines user access to GPS data. When the average cell phone tracking mode is on 911 only or other option, you can't access the data which is not very useful. bGPS gives the user access to GPS data like never before, it's 2011 and Time for a change. bGPS allows users to share live GPS data with other iPhones or When sharing data with other iPhones, location is updated as the client's location change. Sharing with only sends current location once unless web user request location again.